INAF International Night Ambassadors Federation


The International Night Ambassadors Federation (INAF) is a federation of night ambassadors world-wide. (INAF)

The INAF  with a growing network of “night ambassadors” in cities throughout Europe and in short time from now all over the world has a goal to get more cities connected and helps to elect their own Night Mayors.
It is a network which provides information, exchanges ideas and supports the local night economics in full spectrum. By this we mean, the local government rules, cultural developments, and nighttime economics. The ultimate goal is to create the high standard cultural capital.
Also, the INAF helps city councils worldwide to advise about how to get a night-mayor/ambassador to the city system and how to increase the nighttime safety while being able to organise and manage the nighttime entertainment, with respect for the sleeping neighbourhood.

Common in the Netherlands, a Night Mayor would have the job of building relationships between nightlife venues and a daytime council to deal with small problems, such as noice disturbance, before they escalate.

The music industry is an ecosystem and a city’s music scene benefits from well-informed city governments, as raising political awareness leads to opportunities for the local live music/art industry in terms of cultural development.

The Night-Mayor is an official ambassador for ‘night’ culture in city governments who strives for a dynamic music scene in the city and helps to build bridges between the municipality and music venues/festivals.

By creating a mutual understanding, the Night Mayor changes this game. Hear now how this position can affect change in large cities across the world.